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DPS Review Calculator

average weekly DPS #

This is the total minutes you'll gain depending on whether you use a private or government owned vehicle

Private vehicle

Government vehicle/LLV

If your route becomes higher than 46 evaluated hours, you'll risk having it adjusted/hurting you long term.

Mountain View

Have you added the total minutes you'd gain to your total time and like where it'd end up?

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WHY/HOW to do a DPS review

WHY: With the introduction of Delivery Point Sequence (DPS) letters, we agreed to receive less compensation by allowing the Postal Service to sort our letters for us. During a mail count, the Postal Service will set a standard for the accuracy of their sorting. If that standard was 90% and post-count you find yourself handling 15-20% of the letters, that's extra work you're doing for free.

HOW: When you request your DPS review, management will choose a 14 calendar day window within the 30 day period from your request. This count is typically 12 working days unless there's a holiday. When your count begins, there's both morning and afternoon mail that'll need recorded. In the morning, you'll count every letter in both the hot case and your tubs. You'll measure just as you do during a mail count, if it's under 6 1/8" tall, it's a letter. Once you have all of that counted you'll need your DPS #, management can get this for you. In the afternoon you're going to count every letter from your DPS trays that you bring back. It doesn't matter why you brought it back, if you're having to handle it a second time because CFS missed a forward, mark-ups, the mail at that address is on hold or if the letter wasn't sorted where it should be, you count it. Get copies (daily) of everything. If you don't have a copy, you won't be able to dispute their numbers. At the end of the count, you'll add your total letters to your your total DPS #. This is where you'll figure out what your DPS % is compared to the total. DPS/(DPS+letters)